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The Remnant Bible Study



What is the Remnant Bible Study Course?  It is a collection of eighteen Bible lessons put together between February 2018 and June 2021 in a collaborative effort by James Burch and David Fore.  Before describing in more detail what this study is, you may wonder why it was deemed necessary.  That is simple: A lot of what is being spilled forth from today’s church pulpits is feelgood preaching.  If it is not that then it is preaching born of denominational tradition, or pop psychology, or a number of other things, very little of which is truly helpful to believers other than keeping them placated and donating their money.  Worse, this confusion is being preached from corrupted Bible versions which no believer should ever use.  Between all these factors, some foundational truths of the Word which were known to the early Church have either been lost or distorted over the centuries.  Three of the central aims of the Remnant Bible Study Course are to bring these truths back to light, to present them accurately, and to do so while referring believers to a reliable Bible translation to refer to.


The eighteen lessons of the course are arranged in three tiers, or phases.  Phase 1, the Fundamentals of Christianity Study, has 8 lessons and covers the basics of Christianity such as salvation, the Church, and the end times, et cetera.  Phase 2, the Going Deeper Study, is more in-depth and has 7 lessons.  Here the topics are more specialized, among them the truth about the early world and what Biblically pertains to it, a deeper understanding of what the Bible is, and an overview of Church history.  Phase 3, The Way Study, is the deepest and most specialized and contains three lessons: One each on discipleship, spiritual warfare, and deliverance.  The total length of the Remnant Bible Study Course is 374 pages.  By the time one finishes it, one should have a much clearer understanding of what true Christianity is and how to live it out.  The lessons are in PDF format and can be printed for free.  Additionally, there are tests for each of the lessons and a final exam for each phase.  All the tests are “open book,” but they should still be challenging.  The essay questions will have to be answered in order to obtain a certificate of completion.  This is not an accredited Bible study course, but the knowledge contained in it is priceless.


There are plenty of Scriptures provided in each lesson.  However, few of them are quoted as those who read the lessons are expected to use their Bibles to look the Scripture references up for themselves.  This helps familiarize believers with the Word, or further sharpen those who are already familiar with it.  Each lesson has been thoroughly researched and checked over for accuracy, and as some information changes, updates will be made every few years as needed.  The Remnant Bible Study Course should thoroughly satisfy the hunger and quench the thirst of every believer who wants to learn more about the Word of God and about living the authentic Christian life.

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